Saturday mornings are a special and magical time for our little Family Day Care community. It is our time to explore, connect, discover. It is our time to be wild & free.

A few years ago, it really came to my attention just how busy the lives of our families were. Our society seems to have become a constant race, and our children and families are caught up in it all. What could we, as a service do for families do to help alleviate this busyness?

We started our Saturday morning Bush Play sessions so we can spend time away from it all. So families could be with their children in a glorious natural setting with no agenda other than play. We explore, we discover, we take risks and seek challenges and we connect.

Connecting is one of the most important elements of our sessions. Connection to our children. Connection with other families. Connection with their educator and connection to the natural world. It is a glorious time of our week and one that we, as a community, value greatly.

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