There is something about being outdoors that opens up the minds of humans, and in particular small humans. If you watch a young child engaged in an outdoor environment a feeling of vibrancy and freedom radiates.

When I facilitate play that involves dirt, water, sand and some loose parts, I can honestly say; magic happens. The children are learning valuable life lessons from just being in the elements and interacting with other children.

Opportunities to feel the wind, rain, warmth and cold encourage a sense of wonder, but also facilitate the development of grit and resilience. The opportunities to take risks, identify hazards, problem solve and regulate emotions all provide children with valuable life lessons.

Our lives are not bubble-wrapped. We do not walk around in cotton wool with antibacterial gel strapped to our foreheads. Dirt and sunshine are essential to good health and physical development. Time spent outdoors wondering and discovering is setting your child up for success in every aspect of life. Children learn through curiosity and discovery, and there is no greater place to encourage these elements than in an environment that is filled with curiosity and discovery.

Unscheduled, untethered nature play is an innate physical and spiritual need in children. Think about how you feel after dancing in the rain? After splashing in a puddle? After gardening and having your hands embedded in the earth? How do you feel after completing a difficult challenge? Alive.

You feel alive. Just imagine what these experiences activate in our youngest and most perceptive minds?

Play outside today. In all weather. Get mucky and wet and dirty. Your little ones will thank you for it. ♡♡♡♡

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