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Wild & Free

Saturday mornings are a special and magical time for our little Family Day Care community. It is our time to explore, connect, discover. It is our time to be wild & free. A few years ago, it really came to my attention just how busy the lives of our families were....

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Home is where our story starts….

It is our role as educators to create a place where children feel completely at home. Where they can thrive as unique and valued members of the world around them. A home where children are happy, relaxed, engaged and safe. Family and home are a child’s first...

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Choose Your Own Adventure

One of the greatest discoveries of my Early Childhood career, was when I realized that children are competent and capable young humans with abilities and knowledge of the world around them already deeply embedded into their being! I know this sounds like common...

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Early Childhood – Valuing Play.

As we all know play is the vehicle of learning. If we give children time, space, materials and uninterrupted, unstructured exposure to the world around them they will develop the skills they need to be lifelong learners. Play is the most essential ingredient in early childhood education (after love, of course) In play,children build relationships with peers, resolve conflicts, problem solve, develop critical thinking skills,regulate behaviors and have increased feelings of success, emotional competence and optimism. Play has been linked repeatedly to child well-being and feelings of self-actualisation. 

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The Great Outdoors

There is something about being outdoors that opens up the minds of humans, and in particular small humans. If you watch a young child engaged in an outdoor environment a feeling of vibrancy and freedom radiates. When I facilitate play that involves dirt, water, sand...

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