Hi! I’m Carlene

Hello! I am Carlene and I am the owner/educator at Carlene’s Cubbyhouse in Queensland, Australia.

Over the past 20+ years I have taken an exciting and inspiring journey; immersing myself in the wonderful world of Early Childhood and constantly evolving my practice and philosophies of working with children.

For me, Early Childhood Education is about play. It is about igniting a love of learning and discovery. It is about facilitating curiosity, wonder and awe within the children – so they feel empowered to investigate the world around them and they become confident life long learners. It is about as much exposure to the outside world as possible; discovering nature, getting dirty, embracing bare feet and learning to love our beautiful planet.Our Bush School is an initiative where we explore wild places with our families and embrace a slow and peaceful way of life. Our days together are unhurried and stress free; a haven from our busy world.

Educating small children is a magical process. They see the world so positively, they want to experience everything! I love to harness that enthusiasm for life and for learning. The moment a child discovers something new is so thrilling to me. the look of wonder in a child’s eyes never gets old.

I have worked tirelessly alongside my Family Day Care community to create an environment that sparks the children to discover, but also wraps them up in a feeling of warmth, connection, love and belonging. That is why it is essential to me that our environment is as home-like as possible for every child and every family that comes through our door. Our connection with family and the community is so important to my vision of a village for these children. I am entirely invested in creating a safe space for children to become who they are, to feel valued, respected and to be heard. If I can embed a love of learning, a love of nature and a sense of belonging for every child, then I feel that I have done my job well.

Early Childhood Education is not just a career for me, it is  my passion and a way of life for myself and my family. I’m excited about the future of our little service and I’m excited to see how we evolve from here.

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